Dr Hugh Revie

Aerospace - MRO - Sales Director EMEA


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Vilnius, Lithuania - 16-18 September 2019


Ubisense Sales Director for Aerospace, Dr Hugh Revie, will deliver a presentation on the topic of ‘Creating an MRO Digital Twin of Your Processes’ at the AIR Convention Europe 2019.

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Who is the presenter?

Dr Hugh Revie, Sales Director Aerospace EMEA at Ubisense

Hugh has now been working in Aerospace for more than 30 years and, prior to joining Ubisense, started his career in aviation after graduating with a doctorate in Engineering and, initially working for British Aerospace. Around 18 years ago, he created his own company, CoreData Limited, focused on helping airlines, MROs, OEMs and aircraft supply chain companies with solutions that could drive value from the large amounts of data they were accumulating. He finally sold the company to Rolls Royce. 


Who is Ubisense?

Ubisense transforms physical spaces into smart spaces, bringing manufacturers proven gains in quality, cost, and productivity. Our SmartSpace platform monitors the physical flow of the factory creating a real-time “digital twin” of the process. This Digital Process Twin provides the deep situational awareness that empowers people to make more insightful decisions, and business systems to operate with foresight and certainty. With offices in the UK, France, Germany, North America, Canada and Japan, Ubisense has more than 900 customers across the globe, and has enabled many to implement their factory digitisation strategies.


What problems can SmartSpace solve in a Heavy Maintenance Environment?

- Managing GSE
- Collision Avoidance
- Manpower efficiency / utilisation
- Work order management
- Tool management
- Materials / logistics management
- And many more



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